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Mending God's Creatures, Great and Small

Preventing illness and injury in pets, and catching potential issues early is the most efficient and effective health care plan for pets. Country Veterinary Clinic has wellness care plans for all types and ages of pets or farm animals.

  • Allergy testing

  • Eye care

  • Nutrition

Loving care for your animals

Puppy care - With regular veterinary checkups and preventative care, pet owners can set their pets up for long, healthy, active lives


Vaccinations - Adult dogs and cats require vaccinations for protection from some of the most common and deadly diseases. Country Veterinary Clinic follows AAHA vaccination guidelines for all animals we treat.


Senior pet care - The needs of aging pets change, and Country Veterinary Clinic routinely partners with pet owners to adjust to the changing needs and health issues of elderly pets.


End-of-life pet care - As pets near the end of life, difficult decisions often have to be made. Our staff and veterinarians are here to help guide you through difficult times. We offer at home Euthanasia.


Parasite prevention - Parasites can not only drain necessary nutrients from pet, but they can also spread disease. Preventative options are available, and we will help guide you through the safest and most effective options for your pet.


Pet nutrition - Providing the correct nutrients for the specific breed, species, and age of your pet is critical to promoting excellent health. This issue is so important that we advise you on your pet's nutrition every time we see them.


International health certificates - Our veterinarians are able to complete health exams needed for obtaining an international health certificate when pet owners are traveling to different countries. We also provide interstate health certificates for traveling between states. Speak with our veterinarians for more information.

Bring your pet to us for nurturing, attentive, and friendly care

  • Dental care

  • Vaccinations

  • Senior pet and farm animal care

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